Japanese Product Import Service

SeventhStyle is back, and so is the Japanese import service – now called CRAP (the Convenient pRoduct Acquisition Process).

We can get you any item sold in Japan. If you see an item you want on a Japanese website or know it is in a physical store, we can get it.

If you have an item you want, but do not even know where to find it, we can still get it.

If an item is sold only at a special convention at a special time, in limited quantities, **we can still get it**. Doesn’t matter if you want 1 of 1 total obscure figure from obscure doujinshi sold only at some obscure event at the corner of Japan, we can get it either way. If it’s not just your imagination, and the item physically exists, we can purchase it for you.

“You got empty pockets? Best keep on walkin’.”

This is not a cheap process – especially not if you want us to camp in a line for three days to get you a provocative pillowcase of your favorite anime girl sold only at a half-day special convention. We have wares if you have coin.

To start, email: pink@7thstyle.com

Give us the information about the item, including where to buy it if you know where to find it or have a specific place you want us to purchase it from. We will get back to you with a price. All products are sent via EMS only, or FedEx or UPS at extra cost. We will not send anything with snail mail.

If you have questions feel free to email us or ask below.

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