“Mahoutsukai No Yome” Cute Girl X Dinosaur PV

Two new PVs and key visual artworks are out for upcoming age difference romance anime Mahoutsukai no Yome, highlighting the delicate bond that exists between schoolgirl and dinosaur man.

Preview clip number one of two is a great introduction to the premise of this tale. It starts off by showing our heroine living in a seemingly ordinary modern world. She appears troubled, up until she gets into an illicit relationship with a middle-aged man.

She seems to have a knack for taboo relationships because mid-way through the video, everything fades into a different world where she’s now the lover of a tyrannosaurus-headed man. The second PV expands on these aspects and develops the context of the story, the atmosphere and setting we can expect.

It all appears quite grand. Artwork and animation are proven to be high quality in this preview material, leaving us only to hope that the story is on par as well. The only questionable element we’re left with is the heroine’s love life, but if she’s into older men, who are we to judge?

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