“Mahouka” Mizugi & Imouto Incest Artworks

Fresh artwork has been making the rounds for incest action anime “Mahouka Koukou no Rettousai” encouraging little sisters to embrace the bare bodies of their big brothers with their cleavage and misshapen anatomy.

This anime is long over, but the artwork is newly arrived, probably because Mahouka is still a popular series with novels and other multimedia still ongoing.

At face value the artwork is colorful like candy, featuring saturated high chroma hues and compelling sexy scenarios – but the more I study the pieces the more flaws become evident. For instance here’s the imouto enjoying some foreplay with her brother before taking her usual fill of his unmentionable fluids.

Admittedly even with an ugly face, who wouldn’t want to have that combination of bust and waist in their lap?

If possessing no particular affection for the incestual circumstances or girl sitting on half-naked man arrangement, most people will still likely find pleasure in the female’s fantastically uncovered thighs and ample reserve of milk.

What’s not so great is that her mouth is hanging off the side of her face while her nose is thrown to the far opposite end of her visage, and her crossed eyes appear equally perplexed by their positioning.

Fortunately, this artwork won’t look nearly as bad when you see the other two newly released artworks for comparison. Two bikini scenes were unveiled, both notable for carrying over the Picasso faces and now introducing warped bodies.

Suffering the worst of them all is the blonde in the second illustration. Her body resembles a World War II fighter jet as her chest dives outward like the nose of a bomber, the bikini top as though it were a cartoon face painted around the propeller, and her rear appears shrunken in height, like the little wings on the back for stability in flight.

If there’s anything to truly appreciate about these artworks, it’s how they remain consistent with the awfulness we’ve come to know and expect of Mahouka.


4 comments on ““Mahouka” Mizugi & Imouto Incest Artworks”
  1. Rya says:

    Anime-Jesus will get a second season! It’s all in the bible.


    1. misaofan says:

      Awesome!. I hope Big Brother Tatsuya will kick others’ asses with even more amazing skills than before, I bet he will survive in a way that will make even Jesus jealous.


      1. liberator1997 says:

        Salvation without resurrection? A miracle indeed.


  2. misaofan says:

    Meh, I will watch the movie just to expect popcorn fun. Mahouka frankly is less than good story-wise and I can’t stand overly long expositions depicted in this one even though I don’t mind good amount of infodump in my anime itself usually. With the Horizon director being out in favor of a newbie in charge, it lowered my expectations further.

    At least the illustration with Miyuki playing at sea with her friends Erika and Mayumi is what I could find it to be the best-looking among the summer-themed key visuals Mahouka could offer.


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