Top 5 Sadistic Anime Characters

A sadist is a person who derives pleasure, especially sexual gratification, from inflicting pain or humiliation on others – in other words, the people who created Sword Art Online are sadists.

Yet that is not quite the subject of today’s piece.

Throughout the short time I have been watching anime, I realized that in many anime there are sadistic characters that almost everyone likes. Is it because of how well made and thought out the anime character was? or is it because anime viewers are secretly sadistic and find enjoyment in the suffering of others? Wait a minute, am I a sadist..?

Before reading this list, I would like to thank the internet and Google, for helping me complete this list. As always this is fully objective and not just my opinion.

Without dragging this introduction any longer, here are 5 anime characters who enjoy inflicting pain on others:

05.) Shuu Tsukiyama – Tokyo Ghoul

Shuu is an infamous ghoul. At first sight, Shuu seems to be a gentleman, but that is far from the truth.

Shuu enjoys luring in people to partake in his “game” where they’re killed in the most gruesome way possible, not only his does he enjoy the murder of his prey, he also has an obsession with Kaneki’s (the main protagonist) flesh and blood.

04.) Grell Sutcliff – Black Butler


Grell is a Grim Reaper, he is outspoken and over the top, not only is he a sadist who enjoys bloody murders, he is also a homosexual who enjoys flirting with Sebastian.

I’m going to use the heels of my shoes to step on this cold, uncaring face of yours! I want you to lick my shoes clean!

Throughout the anime, It is shown that Grell is open with his sadistic nature and his homosexuality. In fact, Grell uses feminine pronouns and acts like a woman.

03.) Hisoka Morow – Hunter x Hunter

Hisoka is a one of the “villain” from Hunter x Hunter, although most of the time you do not see a conflict between him and the main characters, Gon, and Killua. He is a clever fighter with a rather odd power, that makes many of his opponents have a difficult time keeping up with him and predict his movements.

Throughout the anime, Hisoka is seen enjoying killing, slaughtering his prey is almost like a sport, a way to pass the time. While he does enjoy killing his opponents, at times he spares their lives to give them room to grow in power so he can enjoy killing them even more.

Although Hisoka is a sadist, he’s much much more than that too – as shown from “Top 10 Anime That Have Pedophiles In Them“, he is also a pedophile and a masochist.

02.) Minatsuki Takami – Deadman Wonderland

Minatsuki is the younger sister of Yoh Takami, at a young age, Minatsuki killed her father using her Deadman power.

Initially, Minatsuki appeared very shy, and a kind girl who cannot stand violence that hated the idea of using her powers.

While fighting Ganta another Deadman, Minatsuki showed her true nature as a sadistic maniac who feels sexual pleasure from the look of pain on her opponents’ faces.

Her power uses blood from her ears to create whips, and I’m pretty sure sadists preferred weapon is, in fact, a whip.

01.) Mio Isurugi – MM!

Mio is the president of the 2nd Volunteering Club that helps people with any problem they might have, she is also the senior of the main protagonist Taro Sado who has an extreme case of masochism.

After Taro went to the 2nd Volunteering Club to seek help, he soon figured out that President Mio is not as kind and gentle as he first assumed. Instead, she was very powerful and sadistic.

Mio’s plan to cure Taro of his masochism was to deal a huge amount of damage to him until he doesn’t enjoy it anymore, but ultimately it fails and you might even say it made his masochism worse. On the plus side, she does fall in love with him, and being a sadist is not so bad if you get to be with a girl like her.


11 comments on “Top 5 Sadistic Anime Characters”
  1. Seven says:

    Every list has its limitations but I feel this one is particularly narrow. All the choices are from more recent series. No Higurashi, no Texhnolyze, no Narutaru, no Umineko!?!?! Umineko has the biggest sadistic scumbags of any anime I’ve watched ever besides maybe Narutaru.

    While I like seeing cute blonde girls placed as number one, Beatrice from Umineko would have been a more suitable choice in comparison.

    In short, your opinions sucks and could have been much better had your taste in Chinese cartoons not been so amateurish.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Izanaginookami says:

      Nice seeing Higurashi and Umineko being mentioned. Texhnolyze is on my plan to watch list (since 29th May 2016, together with Ergo Proxy…), but I’ve never heard of Narutaru. Got to check it up then.

      Oh, I don’t know about Umineko since I’ve yet to play its VN (so I haven’t watched the Anime either, as I hate heavy spoilers like death, wait boredom is more fitting), but Higurashi’s VN is far better than its adaptation ( still loved the Anime, this just shows how good the story was, for me). Just had to say it, even if it was totally off-topic, as it’s my second most favourite. (i’ve heard awful thing of Umineko Anime adaptation though)

      For some reasons, I find the harsh (probably joking) words hilarous.


    2. MuSef says:

      I don’t know as many anime as you do, compared to you, I don’t know anything about anime. Of course, my choices will be about more recent anime series since I have only recently started watching anime.
      When I watch the anime you mentioned will probably change my opinion and make a new list, part two or something.


  2. Izanaginookami says:

    Choice of characters aside (I’m really bad at doing lists), sholdn’t the main reason one watch sadists doing sadistic things be that the viewers are masochists? I actually never noticed sadists would love to see other fellow sadists inflicting pain on others… but now that I think about it, it explain why I love seeing characters like them. But wait, I’m also a masochist though… am I a SadMasochist?


    1. MuSef says:

      You can be a Masochist and a sadist at the same time, just like Hisoka from Hunter x Hunter.


      1. Izanaginookami says:

        Oh, you’re right. Touchè.


  3. MuSef says:

    I watched 5 episodes of Texhnolyze and I agree, this list sucks.


    1. Izanaginookami says:

      And thus Texhnolyze went higher in my Plan to Watch list.


  4. misaofan says:

    This list could have been done so much better, it felt less like a professional specific top 5 list borrowed from many known Japanese sources such as Newtype and more like done by someone who is new to anime such as MuSef. As much I like HxH and MM!, the list could have expanded to top 10 to give a comprehensive analysis of popular sadistic anime characters in a competent manner.


    1. Violet says:

      Well of course it felt “more like done by someone who is new to anime such as MuSef”, he made it. But I suppose you are trying to say it is to be expected.


      1. misaofan says:

        When I first clicked the article, I thought it was some ranking list borrowed from popular sources such as Newtype or 2ch but it’s not once I carefully read it entirely, only to find out it’s some Naruto fan who wrote it in the first place. Apart for MM!, other anime included on the list are essentially aimed at the mainstream audience and I expected some niché titles to be included on the ranking.


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