Otaku Arrested For Sexual Misconduct With Real Loli

An ambitious anime fan, i.e., an aspiring unemployed loser whose name is not relevant, was growing in popularity among others without a real job until he was arrested recently for sexual misconduct with a seven year old.

This fellow was making anime “reaction videos” on a growing YouTube channel up until he was taken in by authorities for “SEXUAL ABUSE, 1ST DEGREE, VICTIM U/12 YEARS OF AGE”.

Apparently he thought just because girls under 10 are OK in Hinako Note, they’re OK in real life too. FYI, they are not. Let this be a lesson to other otaku, or as most people call them, pedophiles, that what might fly in your filthy Chinese pornography called “anime” isn’t going to be accepted in society.


8 comments on “Otaku Arrested For Sexual Misconduct With Real Loli”
  1. Izanaginookami says:

    Tch, these filthy people who dare to call themeselves Otaku should feel ashamed to have tried laying their hands on a 3D not-legal loli. 2D is the only way. Only then we can talk about legality. (I’m joking naturally, but only partially…)


  2. animeichan says:

    Haha! Is this for real? It is really amazing if he actually based his facts on Hinako Note!


    1. Seven says:

      I made that part up, but I mean, what else would be his inspiration for molesting seven year old girls?


      1. Rya says:

        Well, there are some “idol” videos of ridiculously young girls. Not to mention real child porn.
        I don’t believe that you get these sick ideas from stuff you watch. You acquire and watch this stuff because you are a sick person in the first place. Just bad luck when you were born.


        1. Seven says:

          Well it was just a joke but I suppose this can make for an interesting discussion. Could that fellow’s interest in anime have led to these other interests, or perhaps vice versa.

          I have to disagree that someone doesn’t get ideas from stuff they watch. In fact, that’s horribly wrong. A lot of people, myself included, might start out watching anime with no interest in stuff like moe bishoujos, but before you know it, that might become the sole reason you watch an anime. And as things progress, you become eager to see more and specific types of bishoujos or bishoujo activities, developing particular interests based on what is seen.

          That’s just one example, but likewise, that can lead an individual into looking at other darker materials. The point being that the subtle exposure becomes increasingly influential and thus increasingly greater over time until developing into an obsession. That’s how manipulation works, not by getting people to embrace something overnight, but by getting them to subtly welcome an idea without even recognizing what they’re doing.

          That all comes as result to continued exposure to relevant materials. I studied sociology and what I learned is that not every individual decision was performed necessarily by a will of the individual. A person might find themselves in a given circumstance not necessarily because it was what they sought, but they felt compelled based on society’s influences.

          Anyway, none of that is to say this guy isn’t responsible for his own actions, but to say that being exposed to the sights and ideas of sexualized little girls heavily and repeatedly and saying it has nothing to do with acquiring consequently twisted ideas is very misinformed.

          You look at the average anime community, and idiots everywhere praise fanfare laden garbage, consequently, one who arrives new to the community might be left with little else to fascinate themselves with.


  3. animeichan says:

    If he is a real otaku. Although I don’t really know what it actually means. The industry already produced a way to prevent his urges. 😉


    1. Izanaginookami says:

      I believe “otaku” means something akin to “obsessed”. I’m no Japanese expert, but I believe it has a negative connotation there, while it’s just another way, outside Japan, to call the ones who watch Anime and like it… Anime watchers/fans. I consciously use it knowing that, because I can’t call mine anything else but an “obsession” though.

      By the way, to me a “real Otaku” is someone who wholly dedicates his life to 2D (related to AMLNVN though), as in that case (s)he would really be “obsessed”.
      Not sure whether you were asking for that though. I agree on the fact that the industry already provides for… the different urges of Otakus.

      …for weird reason I was reminded of Spongebob when I talked about obsession.


  4. MuSef says:

    What did he find attractive in a seven year old??

    “omg, small EVERYTHING must bang”


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