“Oregairu” Selling Yukinon In Bikini For $90

Oregairu is putting Yukinon on sale for approximately $90 USD in the form of a life-sized tapestry, thereby putting out more random merchandise of an anime that ended a long time ago for no apparent reason.

This new item isn’t anything too rewarding. Instead of getting two full-sized sexy views of Yukinon courtesy of a dakimakura, now you can pay the same price and get only one view! What a deal!

She’s been seen in a lot better situations than this too. The tapestry doesn’t present her best face, looking quite awkward with a smile that doesn’t suit her.

Although her bikini top appears appropriately elegant and enticing, the image would have been better off not covering her lower half with the unmatching Hawaiian flavored floral sash. All in all, unlike the other recent Oregairu item that emerged for no obvious reason, this one isn’t much of a treat.


One comment on ““Oregairu” Selling Yukinon In Bikini For $90”
  1. Rya says:

    That’s not the face I want to see on Yukinon. Yukino needs to look embarassed or in despair. This confident smile is out of character.


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