“Fate/Apocrypha” Has Sexy Short Shorts – New PV & Visual Arts

Just after the recent new visual artworks of Fate/Apocrypha about a certain pink haired bishoujo (pffff), and the pair of leading characters (the obligatory blonde and the ever-necessary adolescent male), a new promotional TV commercial video thing has arrived, which for whatever reason is region blocked on YouTube.

So, out of my kindness, here is it if you’ve been discriminated against.

The mystical “8th class” card is being shown here, but we also get to hear our main characters readying themselves to begin the “Holy Grail War”. Hey, who’s that white haired dude? Another main character who has a personal artwork of his own – he looks like the Ouran High School version of Archer:

It’s a priest. And if I were to tell you his name, then you would probably scream (if you’re a Fate fanboy like me, that is).

That isn’t all though. Another beautiful key visual showing more of the female cast, and their fascinating short shorts, is here:

Hmmm? Look at that extremely familiar girl in red-jacket behind… doesn’t she remind you of anyone particular with a sword???

Fate/Apocrypha takes place in a parallel universe compared to the original and quite famous Fate/Stay Night.

To be more precise, it diverges from the third Holy Grail War of Fuyuki, thus being pretty much a different timeline. Further information would probably be spoilers.

It’s extremely difficult for me to not spoil anything. I would like to scream so many things. But for the very nature of the Holy Grail War, just saying their names is a spoiler.

If you have any Fate related question that doesn’t go too much in depth in its mechanics (how the magic work), feel free to ask me. I’m really eager to spoil.


3 comments on ““Fate/Apocrypha” Has Sexy Short Shorts – New PV & Visual Arts”
  1. Seven says:

    doesn’t she remind you of anyone particular with a sword???

    Reminds me of the girl from DanMachi that also wears short shorts.


  2. Izanaginookami says:

    DanMachi girl that wear short shorts, huh… she?

    Or she?

    I’ve checked Aiz and Hestia too (the only characters I remember the name of)… I believe they have only pantsu, not really shorts. While others have short skirts. Oh but wait. If we take in account the sword part, then it must be the first one. Mystery solved.

    Still, it’s difficult to recognize her face probably because the artist isn’t Takeuchi (talking about 武内 崇, Takeuchi Takashi). Oh, well. It will have a bigger impact when it will air then. Don’t search for his name or you will get my point and perhaps get spoiled.


    1. Seven says:

      Well actually I meant the second one since I don’t really care about the sword, just the shorts. Her short short wearing skill is very impressive.


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