Nopan Is The Next Victim In “Re:Creators”

Misery and regret strike again in 10th episode of battle fantasy action anime “Re:Creators” as beloved nopan bishoujo Celestia looks to be the next to perish. Left lying in a pool of blood for what is an almost certain death, all she wanted in life was to not wear pantsu. She didn’t deserve this.

– “gained strength through Twitter, Twitter is strength!!!”

– “Kinpatsu-chan is just a character convenient for moving the story along.”

– “Everything was amazingly too convenient, but the idea was sort of creative too.”

– “I thought Celestia was smarter than to let this happen.”

– “Making this two cours was a good choice”

– “I went to Mamika’s funeral today, and now I have to go to Celestia’s next week… very sad”

– “Power up through Twitter lol”

– “I don’t like it. Glasses-kun is a useless idiot and the characters are just fodder.”

– “Why did she power down?”

– “Because fans are only obsessed for a short while”

– “If they posted to 2ch instead of Twitter it would have all worked out”

– “【Sad news】Shitty Story Gets Thread On 2ch”

– “Maybe the authors should have been the main characters instead?”

– “That would have been fun.”


3 comments on “Nopan Is The Next Victim In “Re:Creators””
  1. Rya says:

    Main girl can’t die halfway through! We need a beach/onsen episode first! I am not satisfied though. 10 episodes in and we still don’t know more than in episode 1. The fights aren’t very spectacular either. On a side note, my suspense of disbelief is tested to its limits when anime characters draw anime characters. Is anime in their world 3D photo realistic, do they see themselves as they are presented to us (animestyle) or do we just have to accept that they know the difference between reality and drawing? I can understand how they won’t address this though lol. Also, Magane breaking the 4th wall in a show about breaking 4th walls? What’s up with that. I hope that’s just a one time joke. Not sure if the plot would survive adding another layer of reality on top of it all.
    My biggest problem: The full version of the opening is TERRIBLE. Tv version mix infinitely better.


    1. Violet says:

      10 episodes in and we still don’t know more than in episode 1.

      That’s why a lot of viewers on 2ch have been complaining. For all the character additions, there hasn’t been much depth. Mamika was not only kawaii, but one of the better developed characters prior to her death. With her gone, and Celestia looking next, what would be left?

      On another note, Celestia’s not that popular. It’s bit surprising but also a bit expected, the anime didn’t do much for her as of yet, and some people on 2ch joke that she’s “BBA” (too old). Consequently I don’t think her loss would have that much of an impact on the show besides making it more dull and unclear than it already is.


  2. Izanaginookami says:

    Screw 2Channellers (nah, I love their reactions), I love it and am ready to defend it, even with irrationality, to the death. Fate/Creators 10/10.


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