“Fate/Apocrypha” Key Visual Artwork

Upcoming anime Fate/Apocrypha has received a new key visual artwork featuring the leading pair of characters – the obligatory blonde and the ever-necessary adolescent male.

Coming at this image from a non-technical Fate/nerd perspective, the golden-haired heroine is looking great. Braids are evidently a popular choice of hair style in the Fate/Apocrypha universe as she’s one of many to have them equipped.

Her serious expression and offense ready stance suggests her competent and capable in battle and mentally prepared for a fight.

Likewise the male protagonist seems levelheaded and not only aware of his circumstances but apt in how to handle them. He appears to be a much more respectable leading male than the redheaded Fate/stay indecisive protagonist.

This artwork leaves a positive impression, as has previous Fate/Apocrypha material, getting us looking forward for its premiere later this year.


2 comments on ““Fate/Apocrypha” Key Visual Artwork”
  1. Raizu says:

    You’re not gonna posting the new CM too?


    1. Violet says:

      If you have the link why don’t you share it with us?


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