“Eromanga Sensei” Back With More Sexy Bikini Service

It’s another victory for blonde lolis and voluptuous purple-haired bishoujos as the 10th episode of Eromanga Sensei brings the second consecutive round of Elf and Muramasa service. Incestual imouto character Sagiri is proving increasingly irrelevant, though with what we’re getting in her place, no one is complaining.

– “The sweet Muramasa-sensei has a wonderful body, she’s not a junior high student.”

– “Harem route OK?”

– “( ゚∀゚)o彡° Oppai! Oppai!”

– “And with this it’s officially acknowledged that Eromanga Sensei (Sagiri) is slowly disappearing.”

– “Eromuramasa-Sensei!!”

– “( ゚∀゚)o彡° A lot of oppai !!!!!!!!!”

– “Her body is good but her face…”

– “If you’re just after best body, it’s Muramasa-sensei.”

– “Is it not strange that the main heroines are overtly sexual?”

– “Elf-chan the wife, Muramasa the mistress, I am OK with this.”

– “Lots of anime about ‘creators’ this season, but this is the best one of them.”

– “Last episode was better.”

– “Cute but not as good as last time.”

– “I want to be mischievous with Elf-chan!”

– “Muramasa is too ordinary, the other girls are ridiculous.”


– “Lol!”

– “Oh yessssssssssss”

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