Stunning Blonde Bishoujo Millia Rage Of “Guilty Gear”

Millia Rage from Guilty Gear might be a game character rather than an anime character, but she’s illustrated to anime style from a series renowned for that very fact as it was unheard of at the time of its release. She’s consequently of the kinpatsu elite, and the girl to get our attention for today.

This girl with radiant golden hair holds a special place in my heart. Guilty Gear was my debut to the greatness of kinpatsu all thanks to Millia’s astonishing elegance, seductive form, and hair of a rich hue.

She embodies everything that is kinpatsu, boasting not only the most beautifully sleek and saturated hair, but also a strong attitude, appropriately high self-esteem, and a surrounding air of class. Kawaii and sexy as she may be, she doesn’t up with nonsense.

Fighting for the honor of blondes everywhere, Millia Rage is a kinpatsu warrior with hair that can be controlled to do anything from simple tasks to act as a lethal weapon.

She evidently has a Russian background and possesses an overwhelming aura of sophistication regardless of what she’s doing or wearing. She originally used to wear an outfit white with blue trim, complementing her lovely yellow hair, yet since the revival of the series, she’s been sporting a new golden outfit to match her marvelous hair.

Not that we’ve any complaints with her new fashion, it is however unfortunate that the previous blue and white outfit came out before the time modern technology proliferated as it has, resulting in that it’s very hard to find any decent artworks with her in the older outfit.

Fortunately, if you thought she was hot before, she’s now sexier than ever as this golden outfit matches her perfectly, with the black trim contrasts making her all that much more seducing.

Not only is her hair ensnaring, but so are her legs, which were popularized with the older outfit because it was a mini-dress. It ended right below the waist, and she never covered her legs with stockings or anything else, leaving many to be entranced by the alluring lead up of her legs to her possibly pantsu-free waist.

Millia Rage is a poster child of blonde excellence, with more years of service to the cause of spreading kinpatsu superiority than any other girl. With Guilty Gear’s return, we’ll only be seeing even more of her from now.

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