Nyaruko Author’s Newest Light Novel Cancelled After Only 1 Volume

Haiyore! Nyaruko-san is a highly popular sci-fi romance comedy spanning many books, several anime, and even a game, that’s why it’s a surprise the author has just announced their newest novel, Hero Onii Chan to Last Boss Imouto, is getting cancelled after only the first volume.

Making the unfortunate revelation today on his Twitter account, the author says the series, which began barely two weeks ago, has to be ceased due to poor sales. It makes you wonder how bad the sales were that it has to be cancelled after only the first volume, and so soon at that. That author says he saw it coming though.

He apologizes and says he wants to try to release what he’s already written, but if it doesn’t work out, then there’s nothing he can do.

It makes us wonder what the world is coming to if a light novel about imouto with onii-chan is not an instant hit. Based on the cover artwork for the book, we can presume it may have something to do with an absence of visual gratuity, and also that people don’t want to see glasses heroines these days.

Megane are not as popular as they once may have been, and many otaku today can’t recognize the greatness of girls in glasses.

And don’t forget the imouto market is already saturated and wildly competitive as it is. Readers of light novel series are probably more interested in underage incest action like Eromanga Sensei rather than witty parodies of classic Japanese television.


8 comments on “Nyaruko Author’s Newest Light Novel Cancelled After Only 1 Volume”
  1. Izanaginookami says:

    I think it’s quite a pity, but as I haven’t read it, I can’t really say much.

    This truly make people think about the LN market though, I suppose we’re nearing the time where the usual tropes won’t work anymore? Another revolution, the birth of a new genre, is awaiting perhaps? I hope so.

    I still enjoy lots of generic LN though. Just shorten your title and I’ll enjoy reading you even more.

    Also, loving the spicy irony you’re using.


    1. Violet says:

      Interestingly, the other day on 2ch was a topic talking about how the style of heroine that used to be immensely popular is now no longer popular.

      In fact, heroine tropes that used to be popular are now what make for an unpopular anime heroine.

      Like Ayanami Rei or Sailor Mercury, the demure black-haired girl with shyness and reservations is much less favored and oft-ignored over energetic and visually vibrant provocative-type girls. Glasses were also highly beloved on anime heroines a long time ago (80s-90s) but not any more.

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      1. Izanaginookami says:

        I see. I think this doesn’t only apply to Japanese Otakus: I too am getting a little… fed up with some tropes. Newcomers will still enjoy them though.

        Hm… but there may be some genres that no matter what are still successful. Or at least, in my case I love most of the Isekai or the dark stories, but it’s probably because of self-fullfillment for the first, and for rarity for the second.

        But in general, I think some changes will happen, as the industry won’t be able to continue without the… err… veterans support (at least in the LN industry, as the anime one is already quite twisted).


  2. misaoisawesome says:

    This is probably one of the rare times I’ve seen a light novel series getting cancelled after volume one. Anyone else feel it?


    1. Violet says:

      I haven’t seen it before either, they really didn’t give it a chance.


      1. liberator1997 says:

        Other than negative reader reviews, I wonder how this novel got pass the editors and publisher only for them to change their mind after releasing it.


        1. Violet says:

          I haven’t read it myself, but last I’ve checked Amazon, it was about 4.5/5 from three reviews. I suppose quality doesn’t correlate to sales necessarily.


          1. Rya says:

            I don’t think Amazon reviews correlate to quality, either. Unless the people in Japan are vastly different, amazon reviews are terrible.


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