“Nora To Oujo To Noraneko Heart” Airs Summer 2017

Nora to Oujo to Noraneko Heart is an eroge set to become an anime.

It initially made the announcement way back in December 2015, but only now brings a single key visual and the promise of a summer 2017 premiere. With only about a month and a half until its debut, it’s nice the anime finally decided to share some sort of preview material.

Above is a look at the heroine and a stray neko who was presumably the leading male at one point in his life. Leaning on the conventional side, the character designs are not too impressive with their ordinary blonde twintailed heroine in unspectacular school uniform and zettai ryouiki service, but it is fine for what it is.

There’s not enough information to determine what the upcoming anime may be like, and this image alone doesn’t say enough, though the pure lack of detail in itself suggests the worst.

Looking at the synopsis will not leave prospective viewers any more hopeful either as the story is as generic as it gets. A boy is inexplicably surrounded by a bunch of attractive girls, and then one day, another girl decides to join the fray – what separates her from the rest is simply that she has magical powers.

That might be a lot more interesting if unexplained magic powers weren’t already common among anime school kids these days.

You can’t really hope for the best with a series like this because that’s merely cheating yourself of reality, but we will still hope for slightly less than the worst.


One comment on ““Nora To Oujo To Noraneko Heart” Airs Summer 2017”
  1. misaofan says:

    From the looks of it as well the staff, I’m going to guess this is more likely to be an anime series of shorts rather than a full-length one.


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