Kinpatsu Oppai Service Saves “DanMachi Sword Oratoria”

DanMachi Sword Oratoria manages to stay relevant in its sixth episode with kinpatsu oppai service. Glorious golden hair keeps viewers interested in seeing what this anime has to offer, particularly when paired with a voluptuous female body in tight clothing that get destroyed in battle.

2ch had more fun watching this chapter than they have had with this anime in a while:

– “Bell is back, pretty cool”

– “Ais so sexy”

– “string is very poi”

– “It’s fun if the lesbians aren’t tangled up.”

– “They have no memory of the previous story at all!”

– “I forgot this anime was even airing, it’s boring.”

– “Who has a thing for lesbian elves? Not quite my tastes”

– “Boring or not, this was kawaii”

– “Although les-elf was cute, this episode really didn’t need it”

– “There’s got to be an epicenter somewhere even if this is boring.”

– “Well it’s a side-story, so gag route is the way to go”

– “Gag or not, I still don’t see a route towards anything”

– “Battles are shitty but Ais is pretty. Although it has been mostly lifeless so far, the later half of the episode was more emotional than I thought.”

– “Do these guys level up just by getting carried by higher level players?”

– “Ais kawaii. Will blue string makes its appearance next week?”

– “I haven’t read the novel but the manga is funny. Lefiya should have been more kawaii.”

– “Next is the special training between Bell and Ais, and I think my blue string deity will make her return soon.”

– “This was good

Ais takes the lead

Situation made sense

I liked the arrival of Bell

The fighting scene was good but could have transpired better

Lefiya is nice but should have been illustrated closer to the original”

– “I love the oppai scene. I don’t understand how that monster didn’t think anything about her oppai. Is he a lolicon?”

– “I wonder if this is the reason they decided to make the spin-off”


2 comments on “Kinpatsu Oppai Service Saves “DanMachi Sword Oratoria””
  1. Izanaginookami says:

    Well, cuteness will save the world they say (or at least what my Literature teacher says), so I suppose Moe things with a little (pfff) of fanservice will save anime too? I hope something else will do it though.

    “2ch had more fun watching this chapter than they have with this anime in a while”

    Is it wrong then for me to enjoy more reading their comments (thanks for the translation!) than the show itself?


    1. Violet says:

      Sometimes I feel the only reason I’m watching something is to see what other people have to say about it.


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