“Hinako Note” Ero-Bikini Service Finally Arrives

Otaku are overjoyed that Hinako Note’s long-promised bikini fanfare has finally arrived in its seventh episode. Little girls with abnormally large breasts go to the beach in their skimpiest swimwear to get the attention of all the 3D boys. It worked.

Here’s what little girl enthusiast guild, 2ch, had to say:

– “it’s the ero-mizugi action we’ve long been waiting for!”

– “Still no outlines of the body through the clothing?”

– “This sagging is strangely realistic isn’t it?”

– “In the past, big oppai in anime were just like overly inflated balloons, but nowadays, big busts display more consideration for reality.”

– “Erotic sempai”

– “aren’t these type of oppai the best? It will keep me occupied this weekend.”

– “Enough with the kid pron or I’m gonna call the authorities”

– “I wish they included a bathing scene every episode”

– “Someone post a picture of the landlord cleaning the bath please!”


– “Mizugi coverage area is minimal”

– “9-year-old looks like she’s wearing the wrong choice of swimsuit”

– “Nape of the neck”

– “I like how you can see the nape leads into the cleavage area.”

– “Truly the best ero-anime this season. It’s 30 minutes of successive ejaculation.”

– “paizuri training”

– “awesome”

– “paizuri inevitable”

– “Hina’s breasts keep changing size every scene, it’s hard to miss it.”

– “areola of the landlord was missing in the anime!?”

– “It’s ‘cool biz'”

– “She wasn’t the only one.”

– “They’re fully pandering to moe obsessed pigs, but sales are still struggling?”

– “because it’s not a true lolita body”

– “Chara have no charm, no content, and they’re badly drawn.”

– “Ero and kawaii but if story is boring, it won’t sell”

– “eventually people get tired of being pigs”


One comment on ““Hinako Note” Ero-Bikini Service Finally Arrives”
  1. liberator1997 says:

    Unless there is an episode zero around somewhere, I think this should only be the seventh episode.

    And dispite the title of the episode, the show decided to remain family friendly and none of the girls’ swimsuit got stolen.


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