Is “Saekano” The New School Days?

Blonde bishoujo Eriri suddenly sweeps in to take the victory in Saekano’s second season, causing a fierce split in the fanbase of the series. Kinpatsu fans couldn’t be happier, but the infuriated Kato obsessed are now comparing this anime to School Days.

Viewers at 2ch were furiously split between their feelings:

– “Eriri kawaii!!!!! Eriri wins! Kato scary!”

– “Kato-chan has poor sportsmanship”

– “This episode reconfirmed that the hero is an incompetent moron”

– “The protagonist is always shit”

– “I would have married her.”

– “Kato-chan will be more feminine from now on”

– “This guy is worse than Ito Makoto”

– “What kind of terrible cancer would just abandon a nice bishoujo like that”

– “It’s complete victory for kinpatsu”

– “I don’t see anything in that picture. I’m blind to girls who aren’t Kato-chan”

– “He can’t have both so who will it be? Eriri? ????????”

– “This is looking like the makings of a bad ending.”

– “Seems like he chose Eri over Kato”

– “Kato-chan is better off not getting involved, this guy only wants to use other people”

– “Kato-chan yandere let’s go. The dark atmosphere is just right.”

– “(´・ω・`) To win the trust of a person you have to trust the other party

(´・ω・`) What the protagonist needs is such innocence and level of trust”

– “Ditto”

– “their reactions lol”

– “I suspect they did this because it makes for a controversial reaction like we see here and it baits people to check out the show, get involved in the discussions, buy the merchandise, etc.”

– “Hurray Eriri-chan!”

– “Even if he talks to Kato it’s not like he manages to have a useful conversation”

– “A hole in my heart”

– “(´・д・`) was so cute, how did this happen?”

– “That’s six volumes down, half of the source material has been used”

– “Basically it went like this:

Senpai OUT

Eriri OUT

Maintaining status quo of Kato-chan

Oppai service IN”

– “I hope this relationship goes terribly wrong.”


4 comments on “Is “Saekano” The New School Days?”
  1. Rya says:

    Forget School days. This is Ichigo 100%-level of betrayal. And once again a dirty half-breed wins over a yamato nadeshiko? Talk about opening old wounds!


    1. Seven says:

      It can’t be helped, kinpatsu is genetically superior. Maybe Kato should dye her hair blonde.


      1. Rya says:

        OMG this is so funny, just because of this I remembered Ichigo 100% and found out that just last month (after 12 years) they started a sequel about Aya. God takes Kato, God giveth Toujou.


  2. Raizu says:

    Megumi is the best girl and the winner of MCBowl.


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