Hot Student Council President Katsura Hinagiku

Being the best girl in the whole entire universe is a tough task, but the diligent Hinagiku never hesitates to get her work done. Let’s take time to appreciate the girl that has served as a role model for many other fictional females since her introduction over 10 years ago in Hayate no Gotoku – Katsura Hinagiku.

Most girls of the day only get a list, but Hinagiku gets her own music video featuring a dedicated Hina-chan theme song sung by the Hinagiku cheerleader squad and the great Hinagiku herself.

Hayate no Gotoku openly acknowledged who the finest female of the show was. It did a lot in the way of promoting Hinagiku’s superiority over the others, as seen with the video above. The anime went wrong in many a manner, but the abundant Hinagiku screen time was certainly not one of them.

Hinagiku is the super do-it-all bishoujo. She’s prim and proper and aims for perfection in everything she does. Of anime girls to be found in a harem romance comedy, she’s by far the classiest. Her elegance is unusual, never opting for a lowly service scene, always keeping herself protected from prying eyes and indecency.

She takes care of herself, is highly mature, and bestowed with a deep sense of responsibility. Other bishoujos look up to her as she’s the president of the student council. They hope to one day be as vigorously masturbated to as Hinagiku.

She’s ever well-dressed, as anything looks superb upon her Hina-chan body. Her physique is incomparable, as all these years later, no other girl has risen to the challenge of meeting her flawless figure. Hinagiku has a seductive flat chest but curvaceous lower body that looks suited to bearing children.

Regularly seen topless, undressing, and with much backside emphasis, the official artwork ensures Hina-chan satisfaction is at a maximum at all times.

Unlike most tsundere girls, she’s the classic textbook definition of the word. Initially having no interest in the protagonist whatsoever, a series of events causes her to develop emotions for the blue-haired crossdresser. Believe it or not, this is one anime where even the dense male protagonist manages to recognize that best girl is the best of the lot.

If that guy can figure it out, then hopefully everyone else has too. Otherwise, perhaps the images below might convince you:

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