“Black Lagoon” Manga Is Back

After almost three years missing in action, June 2017 issue of shounen magazine Monthly Sunday Gene-X marks the return of the Black Lagoon manga. It’s a famed action series about a reckless mercenary group taking on challenges in a sinful city of criminals.

Black Lagoon initially began its manga serialization way back in 2002. It then returned in 2013 after being cancelled in 2010, but it only stayed around for about a year before going on hiatus in 2014. It has been dormant ever since until today’s announcement of its return. It’s hoped that this time, the series stays around for good.

Besides an excellent manga series, Black Lagoon also enjoys two animated seasons and many OVAs. Perhaps the manga’s return might allow for a third season. Anime viewers could use a hardcore action series in place of all the usual high school nonsense.


One comment on ““Black Lagoon” Manga Is Back”
  1. jgoi2 says:

    And It would be simple to retcon what happened at the end of the OVA.


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