Zesty Zessica Wong of “Aquarion Evol”

Today’s best girl is Zessica Wong from Aquarion Evol, because when none of the girls have good personalities, might as well pick the one with the best body… language.

Is Zessica is a Chinese name? I don’t know, but what I can tell you though are some of the reasons why she’s the best:

  • She’s short.
  • Has green hair.
  • Bumblebee bikini
  • Nipples?
  • Slut
  • Distinct “physical features”
  • Why not?

Zessica Wong is crazily infatuated with the protagonist of Aquarion Evol for reasons which are never entirely clear. He’s not an especially great guy in any way, perhaps she just has a vest fetish. In any case, she’s certainly the best girl the anime has to offer for numerous reason as mentioned above.

While we can’t understand what she sees in the leading male character, it’s always a joy to see her throw herself upon him. Zessica is flexible and bends her body in many sexually suggestive ways as seen above.

She’s one of the most energetic anime girls in existence and likes to bounce around everywhere. Her chest also enjoys bouncing, which it does on regular occasion throughout the anime.

Although she’s tiny in height and stature, she’s not lacking in womanly features whatsoever – packing the most feminine pride of any girl in Aquarion Evol minus Mix who only beats her because she’s bigger overall. Zessica never seems to intentionally flaunt her figure, but her fashion selection definitely does.

Most memorable about her are her collection of slutty outfits, none of which ever appeared to consist of a bra or panties underneath. In particular, she has one ridiculous ensemble that wraps her breasts up like basketballs in a basketball net. It’s unclear how her nipples managed to escape public view given the absurdity of her clothing choices, but perhaps she simply doesn’t have any.

Nipples or not however, she’s still worthy of our love.

Daily Best Girl is our daily series where we highlight the best girls of many different anime with a rundown of what makes them the best in their respective series, plus a gallery to back it up.


3 comments on “Zesty Zessica Wong of “Aquarion Evol””
  1. Rya says:

    I don’t know what Evol did right but it was a joy to watch. Not just because of the girls. OK, that’s 90%. But the original was never this good and Logos… I dropped it after 2-3 episodes.


    1. Seven says:

      Over the top ridiculousness + girls.


  2. Arekusu says:

    I’m going to rewatch this anime again.


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