Aesthetic Analysis: Would This Schoolgirl Bishoujo Samurai Give You Hope?

Action, explosions, swords, bishoujos, wind blown skirts, and no pantsu! This intense CG illustration from Tsuyokiss‘ visual novel has it all. Today’s Aesthetic Analysis asks whether this lovely samurai schoolgirl with a nekomimi hairdo and absence of underwear would give you hope for a good ending.

We’ve got all the useless details for you today. This fictional girl was born on the 6th of June, is approximately 5.5 feet tall, and measures 81-57-84 cm. Her name’s not as pretty as she actually is, Haga Neko – a girl who looks serious, but is really little more than a sexual deviant eager to receive the protagonist in new ways.

She’s leader of her school’s disciplinary committee, an official organization common of Japanese universities and high schools intended to strictly enforce the institution’s many rules.

Displayed by her fiery demeanor and unwavering visage, she’s visibly very passionate about maintaining law and order at any cost. However, she’s willing to make an exception for having sex in the classroom as long as she’s the one getting it.

This image’s outright ridiculous subject matter accounts for one of its primary points of appeal. What does it look like has just happened here?

Her blade is drawn out and forward, suggesting she’s only now finished slicing something. With how her hair flows out like a mushroom cloud, combined with that aggressive stance, it looks as though she landed from a height after making her strike.

Flying upward, her skirt also makes this apparent, as does her blouse which ruffles up in the force of the wind resulting from the landing.

Behind her, there’s a powerful explosion overhead. Rubble is flying as the eruption coves both ends of the canvas and continues off into uncharted territory. It’s a massive blast that looks too excessive for any imaginable destruction that could befall the school. Even a terrorist attack wouldn’t have such a radically untamed detonation.

So what is going on here?

It’s exactly as it looks. The girl sliced the school’s roof off and the school exploded for dramatic effect. That’s right, she sliced the whole school building apart with her sword and it just exploded like any ordinary building would when they get sliced in half.

This scene is utterly stupid, in case that wasn’t already obvious. You can easily see how the layers were bluntly stacked atop each other with not much consideration for consistency or hiding the seams. While that is a tackiness seen often with visual novel CG, it’s not seen with them all – and in this case, you can tell they were working with a limited budget.

There’s a school, then an explosion, then a girl in front. It looks totally dumb, but that’s part of its appeal honestly, since the situation itself is so laughably idiotic it fits well.

It also works because its aesthetic calculations are disciplined. Blue is the protagonist of hues that stands out in this artwork. Her hair, her skirt, and even the background consist of different varieties of blue. That blue covers the majority of the composition, and finds itself suitably complemented in contrast by the bright orange of the explosion, which also brilliantly matches the color of her eyes.

Such precise visual balance makes it hard to tell whether this scene was all planned from the start or merely coincidental, as the image seen here fits her like a glove – almost as much as getting impregnated in a classroom in broad daylight.

Pay attention to how the explosion isn’t all orange, it also has spots of red, and an overwhelm of yellow. Red coincides with the colors of the girl’s accessories, like her school issued uniform tie, plus the sash on her katana’s sheath.

Yellow makes for a masterful contrast with the shadow of night. Her hair gradates to purple at its tips closer to the floor, father from light, as does the background which is encompassed in a violet darkness of night.

The explosion is believable, and the building is well-drawn and to proper scale and perspective. Similarly, as is the girl who is composed of sharp clean lines helping to make her appear attractive. Certainly, her curves are seductive, and you can see why someone would want to copulate with her in a classroom.

Whilst this isn’t a masterpiece along the lines of previous works seen on Aesthetic Analysis, it’s a highly amusing scene appropriately conveying the intended message and atmosphere in an effective way. It gets across the silliness of the series its from, it tells the personality of the girl quite well, and it looks good while doing it all.

We couldn’t ask for anything more, what do you think?

Aesthetic Analysis is our irregular daily/weekly series where we study and critique anime artwork based on the established rules of the craft. If you want to know how to play the game, check out Analyzing Artwork Intelligently.

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