7 Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About “Naruto Shippuden”

If you haven’t heard of Naruto, then you’ve been blessed by the heavens to have a mind cleansed of the awfuls of long-running shounen anime – but, we’re going to tell you about it anyway. Here are seven facts you probably didn’t know, nor ever wanted to know, about Naruto Shippuden.

First of all, Naruto Shippuden is about a ninja named Naruto that spends his days’ training to become “Hokage” which is the highest level of authority in his village.

The reason Naruto wants to be Hokage is because the “Nine-tailed Fox” lives within him, and that made all the residents avoid and despise him. Throughout this anime, he’s faced with difficulties like figuring out new and original ways to waste hundreds upon hundreds of episodes.

Once again, here are seven worthless facts you probably didn’t know about Naruto Shippuden:

07.) Choji’s father is one of the members that demanded Naruto be put to death.

06.) The anime series Naruto almost got canceled because an organization was not happy with the number of deaths in the series. Soon after, they issued a request to the anime sponsors to pull their funding.

Unfortunately, these plans obviously failed.

05.) Neji’s marks on his forehead are different in the anime than the manga. It was changed because it resembles the Nazi’s swastika.

04.) The tallest shinobi in Hidden Leaf is Ibiki Morino. Maybe he can get into a relationship with Levi from Attack on Titan?

03.) Sanji from the other popular waste of space One Piece was supposed to be named Naruto but the author of One Piece changed his name after Naruto was released.

02.) The Legendary Sannin are a reference to an old novel “The Ballad of the Hero Jiraiya,” published in 1839.

01.) The most unbelievable fact is that Naruto is one of the biggest selling manga in the world.

Who knew stupid people could read books?

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