“Sakura Quest” Ep 3 According To 2ch

Sakura Quest, the current season’s ongoing anime of famed studio P.A. Works, released its third episode today to much discussion amongst the discerning scholars over at the internationally recognized animation research institution known as 2ch.

Focused on the unusual subject of the touring industry, here’s what the experts had to say about the latest episode:

– “It’s good but slow to unfold.”

– “Characters other than the king don’t stand out”

– “It’s more exciting than the past two episodes, feels like a prologue or build up to something.”

– “I wonder if it will rise from here.”

– “It is a calming anime, though I can’t say it is as funny as Hanasaku Iroha.”

– “It is interesting, but slow to develop compared with previous works.”

– “the characters are weak”

– “It’s not boring but it is getting ridiculous unless there is a hot spring or swimsuit episode coming”

– “Other than the heroine, all the other characters are lifeless. They don’t move at all. Do something! Even yawning would be good.”

– “The king is cute!”

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