Otaku Agree “Gun X Sword” Is A Must-Watch Mecha Action Anime

Old school action adventure anime Gun X Sword, known for less than spectacular sales numbers in spite of being an all-around great series, was just aired on Japanese video service NicoNico where it received a phenomenal 99.0% percent “Very good” rating.

That’s the highest rating available in NicoNico’s five option rating system, and equates to saying the anime is absolutely amazing.

0.8% of viewers thought it was one tier less than that at only “Good”. 0.1% found it to be average, while not a single person thought it was bad, and 0.1% of viewers, likely amounting to one person, felt it wasn’t for them.

It’s sign that if you haven’t seen this anime yet, you don’t know what you’re missing. 2channers had this to say about it:

“This anime is not normal.”

“Because of mecha, it reminded me of Geass.”

“It’s more interesting than Geass”

“Gun X Sword [All 13 Volumes]
Vol. Sales Release Date
01 2,303 10.21.05
02 3,151 11.23.05
03 2,648 12.16.05
04 1,959 01.21.06
05 3,216 02.22.06
06 2,761 03.24.06
07 1,973 04.21.06
08 2,795 05.24.06
09 2,643 06.21.06
10 1,703 07.21.06
11 2,536 08.23.06
12 2,041 09.21.06
13 2,440 10.25.06

Although it’s a good animation, why can’t it sell?”

“I do not know any other anime that ends exactly after achieving revenge.”

“Taniguchi Gorou is a master of directing”

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