“Yuki Yuna” Season 2 Hero Chapter Key Visual

Recycled Character Designs The Animation, also called “Yuki Yuna is a Hero” in some markets, is getting a second season for which there is a new key visual released toady, boasting much of the unoriginality that fans of the first season crave.

Especially lucky for residents of Japan that happen to be fans of generic nonsense, the second season, titled “Yuki Yuna is a Hero: Hero Chapter” because the original title did not emphasize the heroic aspect enough, will be screened in advance in theaters come April 15th.

The anime will make its regular TV premiere in October this year.


3 comments on ““Yuki Yuna” Season 2 Hero Chapter Key Visual”
  1. misaofan says:

    Yuki Tuna is pretty good though. Sure people accused it for ripping off Madoka Magica to an extent but I was pleasantly surprised overall, only thing that doesn’t seem too good is the ending. Back when SeventhStyle is alive in its old form, many people liked it even if it’s not for everyone so I’ll gladly continue to watch more of the franchise.

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    1. liberator says:

      Agree. Yuki Yuna obviously rode the Madoka bandwagon to an extend. But I felt it turns out to be a decent series, so will be looking forward to season 2.

      From what I could recall with one of the heroine character died at the end of the series, I have to wonder if this will be continuation or a reset of the storyline.


      1. Seven says:

        I’m happy you guys enjoy it. I know there are a lot of anime I like that most would declare bad or uninteresting. Idlebird (and my) main issue with this anime are the character designs, not the story.


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