Some Idiot Just Paid $1339 USD For A “Sword Art Online” Film Strip

A person with plenty of money and no experience interacting with members of the opposite sex has just paid 151,000 yen (approx. $1339 USD) at Yahoo Auctions for a single plastic filmstrip stained with the ugliness of Sword Art Online’s characters.

No one could pay me enough to live with the embarrassment of having Sword Art Online materials in my possession. On the other hand, this fellow just paid over a thousand real dollars for a one by five inch strip of plastic. We interviewed his parents, who commented they were “very proud of him”.

Bear in mind if he liked this scene so much, he could have just waited for the Blu-ray release of this atrocious movie, took a screenshot, and printed it out as big as he wants. Logic was never a strength of SAO fans, else they wouldn’t like the series.

The auction was heated, with over 106 bids before reaching its end price. Many other Sword Art Online filmstrips are also going on Yahoo Auctions right now for several hundreds of dollars.

Sword Art Online maniacs might have a lot of money, but what they will never have, is have spent time outside.



4 comments on “Some Idiot Just Paid $1339 USD For A “Sword Art Online” Film Strip”
  1. misaofan says:

    On a semi-related note, do you know that Sword Art Online will get a live action drama adaptation in the making? I do but not looking forward to it at all.

    That said, SAO basically embodies everything that’s trendy in the anime industry these days and done in a unappealing way, it is one of the first anime to popularize the MMORPG concept this decade but just because it is the progenitor to such doesn’t always equal to being good; its overall concept seems interesting on paper but quickly throws it into the trash in favor of becoming yet another poorly-made fantasy-oriented battle shounen with harem elements, the artwork looked kind of trite and most of all, its overall execution is a total mess.
    Yes it is pretty bad, but there are hundreds of shows that are way worse than SAO (like Dai Shogun and Chaos Dragon) so make of that as you will.


    1. Idlebird says:

      What I make of that is, having even worse series doesn’t make this one any less bad as it is.

      A lot of people can’t fathom how anyone can see something bad in Sword Art Online. But if the only planet you know exists is Earth, and you see another planet, you will assume you’ve discovered this one new planet that is the only other planet in the solar system – not knowing there are plenty more out there much bigger and greater.

      Or if a war broke out and you never knew any wars ever happened before, as far as you would be concerned (you in a general sense for analogy, not you specifically), that would be an event the first of its kind in history – even though it wouldn’t actually be.

      A lot of people who think Sword Art Online is a masterpiece don’t have any other context in the world of anime besides other bad shows. If the only anime I ever watched was Queen’s Blade, and then I watched Sword Art Online, of course I’d think it’s a great anime.


      1. misaofan says:

        “What I make of that is, having even worse series doesn’t make this one any less bad as it is.”
        Yes but my point still stands either way, even maruhadapurpurine agreed with me for once, he did made a similar comment back when SAO II was airing.


    2. maromar158 says:

      I don’t think I’ve seen any good live action anime adaptations but they’re steadily getting better (look at the difference between Dragonball: Evolution and Ghost in the Shell). It’s a lot like the space program; you must first weather a few hundred explosions and funding sinks before producing anything more than the experience required to try again.

      Won’t say much on the quality of SAO, that lanes already covered. I will say that it’s an on again off again guilty pleasure that I wouldn’t consume for more than anything than free after exhausting the much of the rest of Netflix’s listings.


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