“Seitokai no Ichizon Lv.2” Lets Us Live The Fabulous Harem Lifestyle

Seitokai no Ichizon season two capitalizes on the foundations of the first season to level up the relationships of the much revered Sugisaki Ken, while also revealing part of the plot we’d previously never seen before.

Season one of the everyday lives of supreme student council overlords stuck mainly with a single comedy routine. One gag would cycle right after the next in every episode, and for what it was, it was awesomely funny. A skeletal structure of a story was there, but the anime never became all too invested in it.

Hints at past events between the characters were abundant, as was talk of Sugisaki Ken’s love life controversy which remained unseen.

What Seitokai no Ichizon’s first season achieved, other than the humor, was laying the framework for season two. It made us familiar with the characters and their personalities, the basis of the story, and the style of the animation.

It wasn’t intentional, but it worked out for the best.

No season two was needed for Seitokai no Ichizon, but I say, season two excelled well-beyond what the first managed, with much thanks to it due. Season one may have made the pass, but season two is who wins the game.

Dated references, and there’s enough to drown under, receive a desperately needed update with refreshed parodies. In the hands of AIC instead of Studio DEEN, the artwork and character designs are back in an aesthetic equal if not better to what they once were. Moreover, and most crucially, story is given the screentime it rightfully deserves.

Unlike its predecessor, season two doesn’t devout itself strictly to the next joke. Seitokai no Ichizon Lv. 2 willfully treads on a very careful path, distinctly different from its first season – it does everything by the book. It’s organized in its storytelling and allots varying degrees of emphasis on a variety of key areas.

Going straight into establishing the circumstances of the life of Sugisaki Ken, it defines his current position, and where he hopes to be.

Instead of just showing him as the man we know him, season two takes time to build him up, starting with how it initiates in time before the beginning of the first season. We’re shown how Sugisaki Ken overcame the odds to rise up to the respected standing we’re familiar with and achieve his incredible charisma.

It then goes further, assigning episodes to displaying the outcome of Sugisaki’s hard work and aspirations in the form of a collective look at his place in the student council. We get to see the more familiar side of Seizon return as the anime highlights an average day of Sugisaki’s student council meeting.

Eventually, the anime then dedicates individual time to each of the other characters. Specifically, the girls who have all come to love Sugisaki Ken for different yet similar reasons.

Sugisaki Ken may be an openly admitted pervert, but he’s also a great guy who always puts others before himself, never procrastinates, and takes whatever effort is needed to make his and others’ wishes come true. Sugisaki is genuine. Even with his mischievous ideas when a girl gets involved, he stays faithful and would never purposefully do anything to make anyone feel uncomfortable.

On the contrary, he’ll go out of his way every time to let others relax and remain free of worry.

The scenes of faint recollection which regularly taunted us in season one finally receive their much-desired explanations. On top of that, the anime unveils a new side to the series we haven’t seen yet through new characters – characters spoken of often, but only now making their debut.

Formerly a mystery, Sugisaki’s little sister Ringo-chan is no longer an urban legend sighted only by conspiracy theorists. She brings with her a revelation of Sugisaki’s complicated family situation, and not to mention, a lovable face and innocent personality.

Having a harem where everyone is happy is a brilliant idea, and we see no reason Sugisaki sister-chan should be exempt from the party. Sugisaki is hesitant to get too close to her, even though she’s not his actual blood sister.

If there’s one part of the anime we weren’t too fond of, this is it. Nonsense could only be defined as a harem anime introducing a new prospective partner who the leading male hesitates to actually accept a lover, either that or Guilty Crown.

Already making no sense, it makes negative amounts of cents when the girl is candidly in love with him.

Unusual as well is seeing how hard Sugisaki takes upon himself past events, despite the fact none of the perceived victims actually seem to have been bothered whatsoever by his supposed “two-timing”. Maybe they were a long time ago, but time heals all wounds, and the girls affected appear to have regained their admiration for Key-kun assuming they ever lost it.

For Sugisaki, it looks like this was mostly an internal struggle. Him being unable to cope with how to handle having feelings for multiple girls, he had a breakdown, until ultimately gaining the motivation to improve himself and realize there’s a way everyone can be satisfied.

Among Seitokai no Ichizon Lv.2’s strength is that every character’s relationship is backed by another web of relevant ties. Season two explores Sugisaki’s growth as a person through the visibly thriving emotions between him and the ladies he loves. Consequently, we get to savor what happens when a harem anime follows its parents’ advice and does something right with its life.

We laugh, we love, and we’re left to remember this anime as one where everyone was well-treated. Not one beloved character was trampled under the impulse of any other.

Delightful banter married with an eloquently illustrated narrative of how one boy rose from social nothingness to become popular with the girls and attain the affection of the females who influenced his self-improvement – that, is Seitokai no Ichizon season two.




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  1. MuSef says:

    Your analysis of this anime was on point.


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