“Re;Creators” PV 3 Recreates The Modern Mecha Anime

Action mecha series Re;Creators has brought out a new PV, providing the best look at the anime yet. It’s two-minutes of superb visual scenes and compelling voice acting, making a convincing case for prospective viewers of the series.

In full motion, the characters are looking really good. Occasionally, they come off as a bit generic depending on the scene, like mahou shoujo-chan, or our leading protagonist at certain angles. Otherwise, it’s not a disappointment – that white-haired girl we’ve mentioned last time still strikes us as the most riveting of the bunch.

The rest of ’em aren’t looking bad either, and that includes the mecha and scenery designs, all of which stand out as detailed and unique. Re;Creators comes sporting original mecha designs, and it’s interesting to see that even background elements are articulated to precision, like the Mini Cooper that goes flying down the road in a later moment of the PV.

While the video cuts short of ever giving us too much action, it does run us through the suggestion of plenty of abnormal sci-fi combat to come. Overall, Re;Creators is looking favorable for its anticipated April 8th premiere. It’s expected to have 22 episodes followed by three specials.


2 comments on ““Re;Creators” PV 3 Recreates The Modern Mecha Anime”
  1. Arekusu says:

    That bounty hunter at 1:30 with the gun. Cash him outside how bout’ that?


    1. Idlebird says:

      My ATM doesn’t accept bounty hunters.


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