SHAFT Shop Opens April 1st

Loved and hated studio, SHAFT, of LGBT magical girl pride has announced they will be opening their own online shop come April 1st. A pre-registration for user accounts begins March 28th, meaning you can voluntarily sign up to get shafted early.

It’s not an April fools joke, SHAFT is expecting gullible idiots to come flocking from the farthest reaches of the internet to spend money on magical girl merchandise. And they suspected correctly, as the Tweet which announced the shop’s opening already has hundreds of hearts on Twitter.

SHAFT is planning to reward those who sign up prior to the official grand opening with a pre-order bonus of sorts, which remains a secret. What we do know though is that it will be Madoka Magica related.

Unsurprisingly, the main series advertised throughout the entirety of the SHAFT shop’s website is Madoka Magica, with Monogatari and Hidamari Sketch making easily missable appearances in the background. Even the main promotional image for the new shop is dedicated to advertising gay pride.


3 comments on “SHAFT Shop Opens April 1st”
  1. moodie48 says:

    RIP my wallet. I know others feel shaft is a hit and miss. I find them more of a hit for my taste. However, regardless of the studio’s output, I am excited for the shop itself.

    What makes it a good business model is that like Kyoani, Shaft will finally have a source of revenue outside of just being contracted to do anime work. They are so far down most production committees that you almost feel bad for them. Almost because some studios aren’t even on it. Nevertheless, I know where I am spending my bonuses on!


    1. Seven says:

      I don’t feel bad for them at all. They choose what they work on and they do well enough as it is, I like anime studios for the anime they make, not the T-shirts and posters they sell.

      SHAFT hasn’t made a decent anime in a long time in my opinion. I know you feel differently, just thought I’d share my own view as well.


  2. Arekusu says:

    April 1st? More like April fools.


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