Sci-Fi Fantasy “Clockwork Planet” 2nd PV

From the author of No Game No Life, Clockwork Planet released its second PV. Not much to say about it because it’s mostly static character promos and meager amounts of action. But the first half of the video gives an interesting narration with abstract visuals.

In the beginning, narrator-chan keeps talking us to sleep, but the aesthetics are enticing and suited for what is a sci-fi series. Intriguing to see that the globe turns red as if the world has come to its destruction and then transitions to multiple gears as if it’s a clock planet. Wait, it is, and it’s a good opening because the title literally matches the visuals – a thousand word with a few animations.

Finally, an anime with a descriptive title that isn’t a whole paragraph.

It ends with character promos that are boring with little to no action. On the other hand, popular group FripSide is back to do Clockwork Planet’s opening theme. Famous for doing most of Railgun’s opening sequences among other popular series, music fanatics won’t be left out at least.

The Sc-Fi anime story is about:

Naoto’s a high school dropout and brilliant amateur tinkerer. He lives in a world that has been so over-exploited that the entire surface has become one vast machine. When a box crashes into his home containing a female automaton, it’s a harbinger of change that will rock the entire globe, and give Naoto his chance to be a hero.

Notoriously unimpressive studio Xebex will be producing Clockwork Planet. There’s a 50-50% chance that either this anime will be OK or amount to even less than that, not helped by the fact it looks generic to begin with. When the show comes out on April 6th, at least FripSide’s opening song will keep us entertained if the rest of the anime does not.


4 comments on “Sci-Fi Fantasy “Clockwork Planet” 2nd PV”
  1. misaofan says:

    “Notoriously unimpressive studio Xebex”

    It has been that since around late 2000s or so. At the same time, this anime showed plenty of promise: it has the author of No Game No Life and director of Nyaruko: Crawling with Love! so I’m cautiously optimistic.


    1. Idlebird says:

      I would say Xebec’s first ever TV series, Bakuretsu Hunters, established perfectly well the style of animation they would take on from there on out. If you watch it, you will find that almost all of their future products follow a similar pattern of attempting to provide a story, but primarily concentrating on a romantic aspect / fan service.


      1. misaofan says:

        To be fair they do make some exceptions however (regardless of quality), as in the case of action shows aimed for younger audience (Shaman King, Megaman series) battle shounen series with more or less some focus on romance (Elemental Gelade, Pandora Hearts) and some relatively well-done sci-fi mecha stuff (Fafner, Space Battleship Yamato 2199). That’s just my two cents.


  2. liberator says:

    I was hopeful for Clockwork Planet to be animated, as the story setting is interesting (even if the characters are of the usual anime staple). Although from this lackluster PV, I’m kind of concern how this anime will turn out.

    Also wondering how much of the vulgar dialogue and blood/gore will be kept in.


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